1st Greek Products Forum “ Helliniko “

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 The Palace Hotel Downtown Dubai


Ellines In Emirates as a multi - dimensional mean in collaboration with the company “Consider Consultancy and the importing company “GnD” have created and organized The 1st Exclusive Greek Products Forum “ Helliniko “ on April 30th at the Palace Hotel Downtown Dubai.
Specifically the Peloponnese region, the Agrodiatrofiki Crete, the Chamber of Karditsa and 15 Greek Companies participated displaying their products with the support of the Foodosophy Club the opportunity was given to all the attendees to taste the one of a kind Greek products.
The Forum aimed to promote the Greek companies and through the planned B2B business meetings to achieve agreements and partnerships. For this reason, more than 40 local buyers, as well as Greeks active in the United Arab Emirates market, have been invited to attend and have personally discussion with all the Greek companies.
Forum speakers were Mr. George Giannakis, editor of Ellines in Emirates, Explore Greece and Explore Greek Gastronomy, Mr. Christos Stamboulopoulos Commercial representative of the Greek Embassy in United Arab Emirates, Eva Vouraki CEO of Food & Beverages Trading, G & D Natural Products and Project Manager Foodosophy Club, as well as all participating companies which had the opportunity to present their products from the panel of speakers.
Coordinator of the Forum was Mr. Taxiarhis Giannakis, Head of Travel Sector, Explore Greece and Luxury Concierge by Ellines in Emirates, and the 1st Tourism Forum " Filoxenia " which will be held in Dubai in November.

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The Greek companies that participated were:     

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Greek companies represented and represented by G&D:

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