With a primary aim of promoting Rhodes as a four season tourist destination, as well as the flow of high income travelers from the Emirates to Rhodes, the Municipality of Rhodes plans, in cooperation with "Ellines in Emirates ", Two major actions in the United Arab Emirates. Deputy Tourism Mayor Ms. Mariza Chatzilazarou met yesterday with Ellines in Emirates' publisher, George Giannakis, at the offices of the Tourism Directorate of the Municipality of Rhodes, in order to discuss in detail the specific actions.

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It is worth noting that the Greek community in the United Arab Emirates has 10,000 people, entrepreneurs, business executives, academics and doctors.

The two important actions of the Municipality of Rhodes, through the Tourism Directorate, aiming at enhancing and improving the tourism of Rhodes, are:

An integrated tribute in the Explore Greece by Ellines in Emirates magazine, which will showcase the natural beauties, the gastronomic tradition and the history of the island along with rich photographic material. Alternative forms of tourism such as gastronomic and cultural tourism will be mentioned referring to museums and archaeological sites so that the Municipality of Rhodes is not only a summer destination but a tourist option all year round.

The participation of the Municipality of Rhodes in the 1st Ellines in the Emirates Greek Travel Forum "Filoxenia" to be held on 27 November 2017 in Dubai. The aim is the flow of high-income travelers from the Emirates to Rhodes, following the great interest that has developed and continues to be maximized in recent years from the Emirates region to Greece as a tourist destination.